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BBC - In Our Time

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I wanted to mention this Radio show that's been running for quite some time now and is available on the BBC site with all previous episodes accessible.

It's format is a chairman and two, sometimes three guests who are usually from academia.

The approach is to explain to the unschooled listener why some subject, person, belief etc is regarded as important and overall it does a very good job.

Consensus is not always present but generally the panel do not get contentious.

The material is broken down into categories like Science, History, Philosophy, Religion etc.

These show are often thought provoking and often highly informative to a layman who wants to get some insights into the subject.

For example the episode on The Black Death is fascinating, learning how society handled some 40% of people dying back then, how this affected land ownership, art and so on.

Likewise the episode on The Fire of London is also informative (records of land ownership were burnt so disputes arose after the fire and so on).

For Physics there are some superb subject, just take a look and see for yourselves.

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