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the truth about the greys

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the greys have been killing and feeding on humans for a long time then cloning them so no one knows there gone and no one finds out there secret they kill human in a number of ways mindreading this feels like time
stops people cant take the shock from it dream control people cant handle the shock that there dreams are controlled when i first relized it it felt like head was a computer be booted up aether this is an element in space this attacks the neck and chest area i would find myself chewing on my shirt when they used this on me heart palpitations they used this over at least 30 hours not all at once but all together the nose touch this when they control everyone you come in contact with they start touching there nose it feels like your body wants to go into shock oxygen they will take your oxygen away they can only do this once per person when they used on me iwas in the restroom when i sat on the sink trying to breathe when i walked out i collapsed i was lucky to survive attack on the colon they attacked my colon for 3 days straight i couldnt barely move i had to use ice on neck and hands to ease the feeling to even be able to be mobile a.l.e.x..a.amalgamated..l.logarithmic..encrypted transmission and x.unix system a.l.e.x is when they put thoughts in your head when they use this along with telepathy they get brain thinking overtime like your brain is going scramble you start to act irrationally because your brain is outta of control laced food and drinks this is brutal bout sent me to emergency room a number of times the face-lace-pace--race when you face the lace just pace your food
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1 hour ago, thegreysmustashtheclones said:
the greys have been ...

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This is a science discussion forum. Making claims like this with no evidence is conspiracy, and it's against our rules. We need something to discuss using reason and critical thinking, not hand-waiving and wild speculation. If you have evidence of your claims, you can open a different thread, but this one is closed. 

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