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Rush Limbaugh on Jan. 7th

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In my retirement I have lots of time to kill, so I wanted to see Rush Limbaugh’s reaction to the attack on the Capitol on January 6th.  His entire show for January 7th was available on Youtube for several weeks, but it is gone now.  I listened to it a few times, taking notes.  Then I completely transcribed the first 20 minutes because I want to understand Trumpers.  Rush started his show on the 7th by saying that he was having a “hard time” (from his cancer and he died about 6 weeks later).  Rush was a major factor in Trump winning in 2016, and 74.1 million votes in 2020, because of his large radio audience.

Rush began his 1-7-2021 show exalting himself, repeating as Trump does, like a magician or hypnotist telling his audience what they are about to hear, preparing them, misdirecting them.  Then craftily repeating and reinforcing the same messages, and the same lies.  I deleted many of Rush's repetitions.  Repeat it often enough and long enough and they will believe because THEY WANT TO BELIEVE.  That makes it a “good lie” because “the ends justifies the means.”   Figure out what lie your audience wants to hear, then tell it over and over.

The ends = Trump in power, the means = by ALL means, even to lie cheat and steal for the “greater good.”  Trump: “Fellas, fellas, all I need are 11,000 votes.”

My opinion is there are 2 things that got Trump elected in 2016:

1.    The enemy of my enemy is my friend

2.    Pro wrestling

Trump sold his hatred for Democrats to 1/3 of Americans who are GOP and were raised to hate the other party.  Trump expressed to them hatred is good.  Trumpers like that.  To them he is cute.  “It’s just Trump being Trump.”

Anyone who likes pro wrestling likes it fake and stupid, and the ends justifies the means.


Rush 1-7-21:   “Every show seems like the most important show.  Every caller matters.  Everyone is on the edge of their chairs.  Every program reverberates with the truth that the country we were born in is the best.  There are going to be an infinite number of emotions and explanations today” [about the attack on the Capitol on Jan. 6th].

Rush continues that on Oct. 10, 2016 he warned everyone about what is happening now.  “One wrong word.”  Rush repeats this over and over.  “One wrong word.”

“Monitors are out there.  Big brother is listening for one wrong word.  That is how precariously we are all balanced here.  Everybody is condemning Trump.  Bill Barr and Lindsey Graham.  Barr said Trump betrayed the presidency by inciting the mob.” 

It turns out many GOP, including McConnell and McCarthy, who initially condemned Trump for the riot, reversed to support Trump again.

“Why are people abandoning Trump?  Because if you desire a political life in DC you have to say that.  Hawley and Gaetz are not backing down, but most of them are.  They have to say Trump betrayed the presidency.”

Rush reminds us that he predicted what will happen to anyone who challenges the establishment.  The “left” are the “enemy” who want to “destroy” anyone who challenges them.

“They want to destroy anyone who tries to take control from them.  They will destroy that person to send a message to the next guy.  Don’t even think about it.  Don’t even try.  Look what they did to Trump.  How did I know?  I know the people on the left.  I know who the enemy is.  I know how they roll, how they live.  I know how you don’t do this to them.   They want a scalp.  They want somebody buried.  They want a political coffin.”

Then Rush complains about what Hank Johnson said about criminals, who follow Trump’s example, will be held accountable, they will be treated like “negros.”  That is a step too far for Rush.

“Hank Johnson said: ‘we don’t want to be nice.  We don’t want to move forward.  We want blood.  We got to make sure that those that come after Trump will not be allowed to get away with what Trump did.  They will be held accountable.  They will be treated like negros.  They will be purp-walked to jail with hands cuffed behind their back.  They will be booked.  If we allow him to get away with it there will be others who will try to do the same thing.’”

If you don’t prosecute crime, that will encourage crime.

“I predicted exactly what happened yesterday and today to Trump, to you who voted for him.  Hank Johnson confirmed my prediction.” 

This does not confirm his prediction.

Rush quoted Lindsey Graham:  “Trump and I had a hell of a journey.  How I hated it to end this way.  From my POV Trump has been a consequential president, but today 1st thing you will see….all I can say is count me out.  Enough is enough.  I’ve tried to be helpful.

Rush said:  “There you see if you want a life in DC you have to say that.  So, get used to it.  Voices of dissent will be silenced on Facebook and Twitter, including Trump and you.  Dissent will be dealt with accordingly.”

Rush was correct about Trump being silenced from Twitter and Facebook.

“How would it have been different today if congress was as mad at business being burned, and as innocent citizens were attacked last summer during the riots in many cities.  Imagine if there was anything like that.  The political class was not being attacked.  Nothing was done about it.  It was ignored in the mainstream media.  No video of the burning and looting.  What would congress think if what happened at the Capitol happened for months? The people protesting yesterday got no such benefit of the doubt.   Even the most fervent supporters of Trump have turned 180 degrees against him because if you want a career in DC you have to abandon Trump.  You have to almost apologize for helping Trump.”

It turns out that most GOP who “abandoned Trump” have reversed, and now support his BIG LIE.

“Remember ‘defund the police’?  What if the capitol police were defunded?  There are two sets of rules.  The law will not be applied fairly.  Leftists bailed out rioters in the summer.  What if the NRA did that?  Dems don’t care.  There are two sets of rules.”

Then Rush said something about “seditious conspiracy” and “cutting edge societal evolution.”

“One wrong word.  I predicted it.  But I failed to educate us about the American and world-wide LEFT.  The way they think.  Lack of morality.  Lack of devotion to traditions we used to hold dear.  John Adams said “There is no power to deal with immoral and unreligious people.  The constitution is not for people who are not moral.” 

Trumpist projection at its’ best.  Trump and his grifter cohorts, carefully selected for loyalty and not competence.  They are certainly not moral.

“I’ve been watching media coverage.  There are no fires or stores being looted.  So, it’s no big deal.  No ANTIFA.  No fires?  No looting?  Big deal.  They took selfies.  You dare not set foot in the Capitol.  Trump’s inauguration had fires.”

Why burn the place they are occupying?  That would be counterproductive to overthrowing the government.

This was the first 20 minutes of Rush’s show on 1-7-2021, the day after the Capitol riot.

Rush Limbaugh's show has been the number one commercial talk show since at least 1987 when record keeping began.

Among the most highly compensated figures in American radio history, in 2018 Forbes listed his earnings at $84.5 million.[1] In December 2019, Talkers Magazine estimated that Limbaugh's show attracted a cumulative weekly audience of 15.5 million listeners.

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12 minutes ago, Airbrush said:

In my retirement I have lots of time to kill


Moderator Note

Maybe you should start blogging, because this reads like a blog post and not the start of a discussion. The latter being the goal in a discussion forum.

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1 hour ago, J.C.MacSwell said:

Maybe if the Left acted as tribal and one-sided, the Right would learn their lesson and stop?

Lernins fer librils n dumbacrats u soshalist! #Trump2024!!

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