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3 minutes ago, NotYou said:

How can water be diluted?

A solution is a mixture of two or more substances.

Just to consider two, A and B    -   alcohol and water or  salt and water.

The mixture contains a certain % of A and (100 - %A) of B

Adding (pure) A or B to the mixture will increase the concentration of A or B, decreasing or diluting the concentration of the other.

In other words diluting is the opposite of concentrating.


I know in common parlance we often use diluting to mean to add water.
This is not untrue just only part of the full (scientific) story.

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22 hours ago, NotYou said:

How can water be diluted?

From what you have said before, I would think the final objective might be to help you understand the following presentation about dilution and pH calculation in swimming pools.


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