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SpaceX lies. Why?


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Why does SpaceX lie about everything? 

Here is an example:


https://www.cnet.com/news/spacex-simplified-everything-you-need-to-know-about-elon-musks-rocket-empire/#:~:text=SpaceX%2C the rocket company founded,of taking humans to Mars.


SpaceX grabbed heaps of attention in February of 2018 when it launched Falcon Heavy, the most powerful rocket launched from the US since the Saturn V that sent astronauts to the moon. 

This is a flat out lie.

Falcon Heavy total thrust is 3.4million lbs sealevel.


Space Shuttle total thrust was 6.78million lbs sea level.



And the lies don't stop there.

Will someone please tell me why SpaceX lies?

SpaceX's biggest rocket is almost 1/3rd the thrust needed to match SaturnV.

SaturnV came it at a whopping 9.2million lbs total thrust.



SpaceX isn't close to getting anyone to the moon.

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9 hours ago, IDNeon said:

Why does SpaceX lie about everything? 


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