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Exploring mines


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In a video where an old abandoned mine was being explored the people with a death wish type curiosity (the explorers)  noted that the mine was cut into what had been a volcanoes pyroclastic flow. I'm not sure what had been mined but it looked like a conglomerate rock bed, lots of large rocks with smaller and even dust type grains holding it all together. The commented the eruption had been many millions of years ago but later on they found remains of trees in the rock. 

Would these wood fragments still been wood? They asserted they were but they didn't get samples which almost made me think they should have been beaten to death with a volcanic rock. The material certainly looked like wood and even splintered like you would expect wood to do. 

Could they have still been wood after millions of years? The mine was very dry, no water dripping or running like most mines. They also said the pyroclastic flow had been topped with several meters of lava as well.  (at least I think they said that, it's been a few years since I saw the video. 

There guys to these abandoned mine videos and never take samples, I would require a dump truck to hold all the samples if I was doing the exploring. 

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