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Philosophy of human migrations/who has the right to live in a country......

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Hi so as part of a zoology degree, I'm doing a human geography class and learning about the current European Migrant Crisis. Just wondering if anyone has ever written about what it really means to be allowed on to a particular piece of land, who has the right to live where. I'm assuming philosophy would be the best place to start but if it's better suited in the politics forum feel free to move this there. 

Not just or the present day, though I am interested in that too, but historically. Maybe even if anyone has ever written on the very first human migrations out of Africa, not in an archaeological or paloeological sense but in a "who now owns this and can live here sense"


Thank you in advance, stay safe guys.

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Philosophically, I think it is a matter of national boundaries.  That is, until mankind reached the point of identifying as part of a governmental unit, there was little basis for ownership, except, of course, ownership by force.  Once a group of people become part of a governmental unit, the land claimed by that governmental unit (i.e. national boundaries) becomes subject to the laws of the region and that inevitably leads to rights regarding who can live where and also conditions regarding land ownership.

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