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How can I know the quality of a chemistry journal?


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6 minutes ago, Wingss said:

The chemistry journals in SCIRP are good. They are peer-reviewed and the review process is good and efficient. Moreover, their editors are very nice and they can help you to publish your paper quickly. 

On the contrary, SCIRP has a very poor reputation. It seems to masquerade as being located in California, while really being a Chinese operation and is considered by Jeffrey Beall to be a predatory journal organisation. I quote a passage from the Wikipedua article about SCIRP:

The company has been accused of being a predatory open access publisher[6] by Jeffrey Beall and of using email spam to solicit papers for submission.[4] In 2014 there was a mass resignation of the editorial board of one of the company's journals, Advances in Anthropology, with the outgoing Editor-in-Chief saying of the publisher "For them it was only about making money. We were simply their 'front'."[7]


From: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scientific_Research_Publishing

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4 hours ago, Tina Hu said:

That's his personal opinion, and he has already apologized for this and deleted the content from his page. I have read many excellent articles published by this publishing house.

Well "Tina", comment removed by mod. I bet you can't provide a link to a reference showing Beall's "apology".

Furthermore I note you do not deny the Wiki statement about the mass resignation of the editorial board in 2014. 

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