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Are conspiracy theories our right as citizens of a free country?

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11 minutes ago, MigL said:

Since there is no more evidence supporting either view, why would you have me believe everyone elses differing viewpoints, rather than my own ?
IOW, why believe someone else is a 'them', because their mind tells him/her so, rather than what my mind tells me that he/she is ?
Which is the conspiracy here ?

I don't believe any of your questions actually answer the question I asked.

14 minutes ago, MigL said:

Which is the conspiracy here ?

You are the one who brought up gender in the conspiracy thread, not me.

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If you should still require an answer, please re-word the question, and I'll attempt too answer it.
Otherwise, this does belong in a different thread.


The reason I brought it up was due to my recent exchange with Der_neugierige, in, the now 'trashed',  Hijack From Homosexualism; Genes and the Environment

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