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Web Hosting needed URGENTLY


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I believe there is a version of a webserver for windows called CIS, I remember using it, so I know one exists.


Other than that, what are you hosting? I actually prefer using some cheap tricks to host stuff. :D


Oh no, I'm giving away a web secret!!


Anyways, I'll host just about everything off imageshack.us, convert documents to .swf link up other movies within .swf


basically, it's a whole flash site. You can host a whole flashsite off imageshack.


Images also, it's so simple.


I mean if it's a program that rakes in money, then you should have enough money to buy a new server..... of course....


But if it's opensource, I'm sure you can find some free servers to to put the files in. Maybe you could host opensource on sourceforce w/e it is.. *forgets*

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Kenel, about that: In the past three months, my situation with the site has been the following: 1.)Massive development spurt, almost finishing an entire site in less than a month; 2.)gone for a month; 3.) very little work while preparing for school to start.


I've also hosted random images there that I call upon remotely, for pages that support remote image requests but not local hosting (like a forum). The entire time (except, of course, when I was on vacation) I was doing limited testing and debugging. So, long story short, I have no idea what my traffic will be like. It could be quite large or quite small. I just simply don't know.


One more thing - I am currently hosting both a (sub)domain and a subdomain. The first subdomain is a subdomain of their site; this is my personal site. The subdomain of that is one that I run for some of the fine arts at my school. Either of these could generate large amounts of traffic, and if I go the pay route (which I know I will do sometime, and now is probably the time) then I will register these as seperate domains.


Thanks loads for all the help. It's looking like I'll have a day or two of downtime on my site (not that it really matters all that much at this point :) ) while I decide what to do.


P.S.: if anyone's wondering, I do all of my webpages by myself using source code, and I'm completely self-taught. I don't use any development app's (unless you count WordPad, or a souped-up version of it with syntax coloring). I write web code in PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PERL, and do a bit with SQL/mySQL db's.

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