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hijack from COVID and medial research

Prof  Reza  Sanaye

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I see  Quazi_Scientists here have awarded me 2 negatives,,,,,,,, Many  Thanks !


seems they (whoever they are/ I don't know) just only wish the scientifically faulty system to be never ever criticized . . . .only to be blarneyed and flattered and cajoled....... 


People's lives are in real danger ,,,,,,,,, Some groups totally unaware of the biology of the thing  are fooled into believing firm in the present defective vaccination system . . .  . ..  Other than we--truly expert biologists--who is responsible for the deaths and injuries incurred ? 

Are we not to openly warn non-biologists of the malfunctioning of the whole agenda ? 

Are we duty-bound to be always yes-men who repeatedly  affirm and confirm what Authorities decide to be the best for our elders , for our kids , for the military , for the rank and file  ??  !! 

Lord Almighty alone help the negative-givers re-think what is happening in our local and international communities .  .. . . . . 

Nature of  in-depth  apolitical  non-biased   science is NOT hasty. 


Highest of Respect  

Best of Regards


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Moderator Note

Complaining about reputation points is off-topic, as is vague and unsubstantiated criticism of the research process and the “defective vaccination system” (which also runs afoul of the rule on arguing in good faith)

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