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Does the world need to prepare for an economic crash soon?

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I don't know how many people have already forgotten how the stock market jumped right back up in 2020 when the US government bailed everybody out.

I don't know any economics, but I think it is probably an over-mathematicalized social science, like personality psychology is.  The entire concept of personality comes from common sense rather than scientific theory.  The double blind procedures only ensure that the bias being measured is not the researcher's own bias but rather the bias of the independent raters, like an astrologer who ends up measuring astrology itself.  However, the biases are culturally acquired and culturally universal, and the force they exert upon our reality is the force of people themselves.  This makes it seem quasi-objective in the same way that jumping out of the way of a boulder is more objectively correct than jumping on a game of hop-scotch, the latter being totally optional even if both were socially induced.

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