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Time to talk about UFO's or now as the military calls them UAP's?


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10 hours ago, beecee said:

It's interesting to compare this document with a couple of slides from Special Report #14:, as released under Project Bluebook in 1955.  (https://archive.org/details/ProjectBlueBookSpecialReport14/page/n1/mode/2up)

Clearly significantly more time and attention was given to this issue in 1955 when the Special Report was released, judging by the sheer volume of data included in the report, as well as the depth of analysis directed at the subject.  

A couple of slides from Special Report #14 distinguishing between the different categories of identification.3.thumb.png.91c7852276ed7dce26ad4a88f14a0881.png1951365013_ScreenShot2021-06-26at16_08_34.thumb.png.fb88e00107b013a7cadf4e744808b3bf.png


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While I've only heard preliminary reports on the UAP phenomenon released by the military the most surprising thing so far was the admission the objects represented a danger to national security. The admission the UAPs were associated with unusual RF emission was interesting. The military wanting UAPs to be reported and saying no disciplinary actions or other negative impacts on people reporting these sightings was a step forward as well. 


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