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Will humanity come back to cannibalism?


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4 minutes ago, Curious layman said:

This appears to be disputed but I see no reason to say they kill lions much less eat them or not. 

10 minutes ago, altaylar2000 said:

Perhaps I will use my right to request confirmation of everything that you posted here. Separate the text point by point and give proofs of all your statements

Please do so!

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4 minutes ago, altaylar2000 said:

I will do it in your topic, mine you already littered to the limit, have a conscience

I littered your topic? You have done nothing but talk trash from the OP, your entire topic is trash, it makes no sense to anthropomorphize animal behavior yet you continually do so. You kill animals simply by breathing, ever hear of fairy flies?  BTW, feel free to comment in any topic I make, I may not always be right but I at least have the integrity to admit when I'm wrong. 

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There are radio stations that broadcast the USNO master clock voice announcer feed when they have certain issues, so people know the station is still broadcasting. Maybe I can slip Girl from Ipanema in there next April 1

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