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Intro Calc and Linear Algebra - revision recommendations


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I could use recommendations for self study intended to revise a maths unit where I did poorly. General topic is Introductory Calculus and Linear Algebra. The rest of this post is simply detail as to where I am and where I hope to go - so skip if bored.

I completed precalculus with flying colours but fell apart in MTHS120 Calculus and Linear Algebra 1. I think I am actually fine (with a little revision) on the basics of integration, differentiation and matrix algebra. Worryingly my issue seems to have been at a deeper conceptual level. I am not permitted to repeat a unit that I actually passed but I have pretty much a whole trimester with no formal study later this year that I can use for self study revision. Maybe 4 months.

For the educators here the unit text is CALCULUS Early Transcendentals - Anton et al And clearly I have my detailed study notes which replicate the lectures. The same text is used for the unit I am preparing for along with addition text in linear algebra. If that is the answer, fabulous.

The unit learning outcomes are:

1. apply the concept of limit to a range of infinite sequences, relate this to the concept of continuity in the context of specific functions;

2. [abridged] derivatives applied to variable rates of change, maxima and minima, apply to one variable problems.

3. [abridged] definite integral, volume, accumulation, elementary anti-differentiation and changes in variable

4. solve systems of linear equations, and classify the solution sets as being either uniquely determined, underdetermined or overdetermined.

So an example of where I am at - outcomes 2 and 3 I'm confident I can revise on my own. On continuity I am shaky. Classifying solution sets in linear equations I can possibly manage but I have no innate understanding as the what it means, why or why it is important.

Anyway, hoping there are is some solid advice here on re-engaging with my maths pathway.





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On 4/2/2021 at 4:06 AM, druS said:

Anyway, hoping there are is some solid advice here on re-engaging with my maths pathway.

all is good and well if we just consider BSc level maths (for science areas other than maths).(meanwhile,yes I am currently official educator (but I generally would be known with the things which I do as hobby or in my spare times. ))however, As a general point of my advice ,I can recommend side sciences. I also do not underestimate or miss that you particularly show some correlations maths with physics. but this is not sufficient to me.so,I can say that.(as I overviewed just one material (for educators)) I can say that you presumably worked hard. but working for useful things is also crucial and effecticve. 

Kind Regards



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