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28 minutes ago, nameofshiva said:

Here a list of Different 108 Name of Shiva in Sanskrit with meaning . He is known as the Destroyer. He destroys the Universe and recreates. REad Here:

url deleted

Be honest. How many of you were tempted to quote Robert Oppenheimer, leader of the Los Alomos Laboratory, which played a crucial role in the Mahattan project? Congratulations on resisting the temptation. I am a much weaker person. Oppenheimer said, of the first atomic explosion it evoked memories of words in the Bhagavad Gita,

"I am become Death [Shiva], the destroyer of worlds."

It's interesting that the code name for the first test, Trinity, was probably set by Oppenheimer and references the three aspects of God in Christianity. Oppenheimer was an interesting character.

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Shiva comes from the cult of the worshipers of penis(lingam), which the Vedic Aryans considered their enemies. The rest of the interpretations are the result of syncretism.


na yātava indra jūjuvurno na vandanā shaviṣṭha vedyAbhiḥ .
sa shardhadaryo viṣuṅasya jantormā shishnadevāpi gurṛtaṃ naḥ

RV VII.21.5

Rig Veda [VII.21.5; X.99.3] speaks scornfully of those who made the phallus (śiśna) their god. They were not allowed to perform Vedic sacrifices, Indra killed them

I have read Indian commentators who blatantly lie that this cult was worshiped in the Vedas. Among other things, this suggests that Hindus do not read the Vedas.

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