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Help me with my Advanced Secure Programming Module please

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I just received a project from my Advanced Secure Programming module and I need help on just starting really. Here is the description:

The project requires the implementation of a secure application (of student’s choice) in any programming language. The application should cover at least 4 out of the seven pernicious kingdoms.


       Input validation and representation (mandatory) 

       API abuse 

       Security features 

       Time and state 

       Errors (mandatory) 

       Code quality  



I just need an idea on what I could do really, if anyone can provide any examples or places I could learn certain things I would really appreciate it, as I'm not the best at coding.

All help appreciated!

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I suggest picking the programming language you're most comfortable with and then determining the type of application you want to make.  A simple practical use application will tend to be easier to develop IMO.

For the next part you'll want to imagine an attacker or a user randomly sending inputs; and attempt to defend against all undesirable outcomes that might result.

You might want to for instance allow the user to enter a password as a security feature, but that entered information will then require input validation.

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