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Not so if it's ethical hacking :P

The first step of most hackers-to-be is to become what is known as "script-kiddies", meaning you download scripts programmed by "real hackers" and use them to exploit security on compromisable machines. Good luck, and please don't hack me ^^v

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hasnt this conversation been discussed in a bunch of other threads, where someone want to know about hacking then we all get into an argument over legal matters.


That sounds fun. We can do it again =D What a nice way to go off-topic without anybody noticing.

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heh, god i hate these threads. There are so many people who think that "hackers" (what people generally perceive as hackers) are awesome and that they are the elite of the computer industry. Most of what they do is trial and error looking for exploits and exploiting already known bugs. All that is required to do most of this is your garden variety computer programmer knowledge. There is nothing special about these so called hackers (as Klaynos has said, they should usually be called crackers) other than that they choose to spend time doing this.


Some normal computer programmers will "hack" (again i use the term in the sense that the media or even the general public (white,black etc hats)) into systems, whether it be their own or their friends to expose vunerabilities and help their friends fix them or just to have a tit around. It could be something as simple as taking advantage of the lack of validation of input on a webpage to allow for sql injection or it could be that a games site simply sends the score with a http request from the flash game so that you can simply do a raw HTTP request to fake your score. It could be something alot more interesting such as taking advantages of buffer overflows in remote system server daemons. There are so many things that could be classed as this "hacking" and most of them are nothing particularly fantastic or require some sort of genius mindset to accomplish.


One better use of the word "hacker" is the use in the Open Source community in things such as Linux Development where the Kernel Developers such as Linus Torvalds, Alan Cox etc call themselves "Kernel Hackers" to bring to light the sometimes "hackish" (adhoc, bolt-on) way in which the kernel is written sometimes.


As Klaynos has said there are many meanings to the word.

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be familar with an OS, learn scripting language(like pHp, javascript), programming language(like Java), the nuts&bolts of network, assembly language.......


after all, if you can master the above, you are a "computer" hacker.


and lastly, go and learn electronics and you will be the ultimate hacker I guess.

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Is it wrong to tell someone how to pick a lock?


No it isn't wrong, but it is wrong to use that information to harm someone else or their privacy. Besides it could be that someone just wants to "hack" their own system so they can secure it better. So there is no legal issue here.


If you want to have a good read and a basic knowledge of methods and the mind set try reading Stealing the network: How to Own The Box and its follow up How to Own a Continent. Otherwise just keep playing with computers.

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or better, pay about 200$ to buy self-training material on Certified Ethical Hacker, which includes CDs and all you have to do is to watch the video inside and do the exercises...


Although it's expensive, but it's likely to be less instense and more interesting......because a book with thousands of pages is just only for reference, honestly.

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Who cares about ethics?

I don't.


I was writing a super guide on how to hack but I never finished it.

It talks about a lot of neat stuff. However, you can never build a super guide to hacking because hacking takes knowledge+imagination. Knowledge helps you, but you must be imaginative to put it to use.


Basically you want to know about some simple things:


Hardware: Building a computer, other weird/new parts, etc.

Software: Programming, Operating systems:linux, windows, macintosh,

Networking: Wireless, Ethernet, Etc.

Internet: File transfer, server commands, etc..


Wanna see my really crappy guide?


I never finished it because it would take the work of 15 people to truly put out enough basic information about hacking.


Picking locks is fun.

I notice on many vending machines they use a medico, heh, I can't do those yet.




Anyways, a good site to learn about hacking?


All the people might hate me for this, but oh well..




heh, god i hate these threads. There are so many people who think that "hackers" (what people generally perceive as hackers) are awesome and that they are the elite of the computer industry. Most of what they do is trial and error looking for exploits and exploiting already known bugs. All that is required to do most of this is your garden variety computer programmer knowledge.


Line from ghost in the shell I suppose?


What makes a hacker? Is it because they want to destroy things? Or because they want to be cool? Well, in my case it was to be cool and be godlike which to be godlike, you must know everything. In my opinion, god is cool, so it all works out.


Also, well I never cracked into MSN Chat, but back about 3 years ago some could say they theoretically found a vunerability that led to the corruption of MSN Chat which brought the whole system down.


Everybody hated Windows ME, but I found it special. It was a very interesting OS packed with an interesting program.


WKPS.exe or so I believe. Microsoft word processor.

Simply type curse words so that they appear in the dialogue box and then turn it to symbol. Copy and paste into the chat, push enter, and walah, you just bypassed the bot. Yes, quite the fun. Until other hackers created this unicode system, which someone didn't use because this system to them was theoretical, leet, and ingenious, so simplisitic. Theoretically one used a microsoft program against microsoft, which is very, very funny. Also making fake names with this "symbol procedure" such as "God" was quite the fun things when someone went into religion chats. Also, making clone names of people got lots of people confused, because they thought someone "hacked" into them. No, someone just manipulated MSN. Sometimes someone was evil enough to act as someone's boyfriend/girlfriend and break up relationships, other times someone would start fights with adults and messed with their heads, leading to people being kicked out.


someone didn't even really do much to their system. It just had bugs. For some of these reasons, MSN chat service isn't free anymore.




That my friend is hacking/bypassing/cracking. :cool:

Bypassing is one of someone's favorite things. ;)

And to think I was 15 at the time of all of this.

I wish I could have been more powerful at that time than what I am now.


Of course in college I'm not a computer science major anymore, I'm a science major. Computer science changes too often, you can always catch back up because people keep redefining texts to help teach and you will eventually get good ones to learn quickly and catch back up.


I think physics, neuroscience, and other things are more fun than hacking.

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Script Kiddie alert!


And to think I was 15 at the time of all of this.

I wish I could have been more powerful at that time than what I am now.


You're just so full of yourself aren't you? What have you contributed to the computer industry? Have you ever written software that has changed the way people work? Have you ever contributed code to open source software?


You aren't doing yourself any favours, you come across as 13-year old kid on his dad's dell who thinks he's 1337 because he can compile 0-day sploits.

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The most sensible advice that i'v heard is to learn C, pearl, java, assembly, visual basic, XHTML, loooooooooads of different languages, untill you get to the point where you can pick up and be very good at a new programming language in just a few days, due to your understanding of the way programming languages work.


at this point, you could be a 'hacker' by thinking of what bits of programming do and donot do etc, as opposed to what the author obviously intended them to do/not do..


If you just learn to take advantage of exploits and vulnerabilities, then you are a script kiddie.

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Before I start on my contemptuous rant, I'd like to apologise beforehand. I'm sorry take this out on you, but there's been just too many posts along the lines of: "Look at me, I'm so ereet because I'm a leethaxxxxxor!!!" recently. To quote Aeternus on IRC, there have been far too many posts on uberleet haxors recently (and quite considerable interest in them, I may add), but when real computer science questions come up they get very litte interest. This thread is a shining example of that, and I'd like to raise a few points about your "guide".


In fact, I will raise just one issue with you, although I could indeed pick many more. I read up until this little gem of a quote:


MS-DOS is old school, but it's very, very powerful.


before I had to stop and retrieve my lower diaphragm from the floor through extortionate laughter and general mirth.


Firstly, I'd like to point out the fact that MS-DOS is possibly the most inept, useless and downright moronic operating system that has ever had the misfortune to grace the hard drives of many a computer. I cannot possibly emphasise just how bad this epitome of uselessness is. I've heard many comparisons of MS-DOS to other shell environments, such as bash or just plain old sh. I'm sorry to say that there's just no point in drawing these, because amongst other things - they are actually useful, whereas MS-DOS is not.


Secondly, there seems to be a common misconception amongst pretty much everyone on these forums. Namely, when you run cmd.exe on Windows 2000 or later, what you get is not MS-DOS in any way, shape or form. As has been covered a number of times now, the little window with the amazing shell of immensely lame proportions is simply an emulation layer, created by Microsoft to help the less fortunate followers of MS-DOS adapt to XP. Whilst it carries some functionality (and I emphasise the word some), it's certainly not the same as 98 or 95, when MS-DOS was booted, and then Windows on top of this.


I'd just like to say that, for the most part, hacking is misinterpreted - that document is a perfect example of such a thing. It's not glamorous, as people often make it out to be. People generally spend hours and hours sitting down, reading through source code, determining vulnerabilities, possible buffer overflow attacks and the like. It's painstaking work, and for the most part, those who consider themselves "hackers" are nothing more than script kiddies who have far too much time on their hands.


The entire issue here is not with the proper hackers who literally spend their time hacking code, but with those who think that because they use Linux they are 31337 and know everything to know about computers in general. Such a claim is silly, at best. Generally, those who talk about how great they are at hacking and how much they can teach everyone else know little or nothing at all about how the process really works. Frankly, I'm tired of it and that is the primary reason for this rant.


I'd appreciate it if, in future, people actually thought before posting "LOOK I CAN USE NET SEND OMG LOLORZ" continuously in their many guises. Whilst I don't claim to be an elite hacker of doom - much the opposite, in fact - I do actually know about some of the processes that go on behind it, and when people talk about how great they are at DDoS attacking and pinging people to death with a 1 million terabit ADSL connection, it really gets on my nerves.


Just think before you post.

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I don't feel like starting a war with people.

Think as you wish.


As much as I would love to start a war and see people use their best and waste all of their time breathing and typing on a computer with some rant, I won't put anymore idea in than this:


Hacking is to be fun and glamorous.


Plus, I didn't use a script someone else made with the intention to use the script in harm at first. Script kiddies do. I was just playing around and discovered a trick. Much like figuring out you can make a whole flash site on imageshack.


A different branch of hacking I'd like to think.

Hacking has many branches.

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Hacking is to be fun and glamorous.


No, it isn't. As I, and others, have pointed out many times.


Much like figuring out you can make a whole flash site on imageshack.


That's not hacking. Things like that are just a pain in the ass for the system administrator, at the end of the day.

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Java rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


Its nice, but you can't "hack" with it. Java gives the programmer zero direct control of memory allocation and other low level things, because it has to interact throught the Virtual Machine.


If you wanna do all that crazy illegal stuff, C is the way to go.

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