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Does God exist? 

Bible the Holy book has over 7300 themes about God, Heaven, Angels both good and bad, superior men, common men, aliens, the Universe, Earth, Satan, the past and the future of the world. The Bible states that God made everything that is material, that exists in the world, also that He himself made both the man and the woman, as He also made all life Himself. 

The Holy book states that God made everything by using a small particle of Himself, He is force, force is energy, so everything comes from energy and energy is not something material, energy builds things and all things in our universe are material. Energy without matter is nonexistent meaning that it is but is not. Energy is nothing because it is not visible nor is it measurable, energy is invisible. To state that God built our Universe from nothing is absurd thesis but a true one. Here we have the famous equation of Albert Einstein (E = mc2) but He starts with E (energy) which He gave to his servants (superior humans) who from such energy made matter and all basic interactions that we know for. God of course is everything because He is the energy from which all things are made. 

How did God do everything?

That question could be answered in a variety of ways depending on the time when we asked the question. Before 500 years belief overvalued every logical reason. No explanation was needed, God's work was unquestionable. During the end of the nineteenth century and trough out the 20 century God was abolished, His strength was demolished, and He for many does not exist any more. His ability to form and build matter, or ability to make new lives, was questioned and rejected. Belief in him decreased because he did not come to help the good in battles with the bad, also He did not show himself, nor did He act to stop the bad things from happening. He did nothing and the stud mute heartless to pains placed on the weak, poor, children, women, old, invalid people… all who were suffering. To all God turned his back and left them to suffer.

But Bible tell us that He is absent and will not respond because we are on the exam and no questions are permitted until we end the exam. Therefore for now God becomes heartless, blind and deaf. The bad non believers advanced and danced their ironic dance are showing to the good folk how they mock and reject God.            

The Bible is packed with facts but explanations are plain and adopted to common folk of ancient world I which nomad minds were plain and far back compared to minds of today. The really big question is what a 21 century scientist can think, take from and accept from Biblical “science.” There is also the question of how God lays down facts in comparisons to modern scientists of today who have their own scientific methods. Scientists do not see how energy can be transformed into matter, it is plain fact that it can happen but how? From ability to make matters out of nothing, follow the question how does God know and see everything everywhere and in any moment of time. The third question is why is God so tightly bound into and with love, on the end we are told that God can do everything but does nothing because He cannot, He is one awful, omnipotent God without any power, strength, or will. It turns out that we have an absurd statement that He is powerful but has absolutely no power. Who can find a meaning to explain such mess. Is God really the Majestic one or is He just a figure of speech, an imagination, self-proclaimed boaster?

Facts that we must understand are:

God is immeasurable in size up He is 10 billions of zeroes big and the smallest part of Him is 0,  billion zeroes small, it is simply absurd. Absurd is that everything is relative, meaning that the smallest and the biggest digits are adjacent and the small one passes into the biggest digit. God is of enteric matter. He is outside the physical world and is not made from protons neutrons and electrons; He is pure energy, pure eternal force. 

Here we have energy or force which is not visible or touchable. Energy is something that can be filled and enlarged only with empathy. The empathic machine is biological; it is not a physical machine. The machine which fills the immense God is a love machine. Unbelieving fact is the statement that love is a force, a force that enables biological machines to work.

We are in a physical box in which matter exists, the other box is the metaphysical box where thoughts exist, not only thoughts but also feelings love, hate, envy, greed, also imagination and dreams as also subconscious expressions. God is, (at the same time) in neither and in both dimensions of existence.  God has omnipotent meaning almighty at all times and everywhere.

Who do we not communicate with Him? Who does God ignore us?                      

People, simple people are forced to believe in physical forces they must bow down and submerse under such physical forces. The important people are the rich and politically influencing, they can make all of us fearful and scared so we must believe in whatever they tell us. It is not something new; it is like that from the start of civilization. The leaders have had their say and that is like that. Fears inflicted by the leaders, who unbelief prosecuted. We have that with every new leader a new or different religion arose forcing common folk into belief and followship. Those that opposed it were expelled or killed. Fear of nature was mixed with fear of the leader. The King, the César, or the Pharaon had priests who executed their rule and forced belief into the nation. No freedom was sought, there was no freedom to have own belief, it never ever existed. The ruler made people believe what he believed. Priests also made rulers believe so in the end everybody was believer. Times have changed and a new religion arose, atheistic belief is a religious institution. No one is without belief.

The only problem now was how to explain the message written in the holy books, written messages were to be unchanged for all times. Today disbelief exists just because proper meanings have not been given and therefore the written text has no meaning, or has some completely opposite meanings that send believers away from faith instead of multiplying their numbers in faith and church.

Here is my explanation of holy words where as we have I have completely new meanings. First for a moment please forget religion in the form of religion rule, attendance, follow ship, think that religion gives you instructions on how to become rich, very rich, and extremely rich. Only mind over matter is needed, one must be empathic, must be good person, must not wish to steal, to be crocked person only positive thoughts are permitted. Only one problem exists, the process can undergo only emotionally poor folk, “for there is Celestial kingdom”. All others can read how will they the emotionally poor become very rich but without change in their soul nothing of the riches can came on them. It is catastrophe imagine you know the lottery number but cannot buy the lottery and therefore cannot become rich. Crazy, you see, you know, but because you are evil concise you are excluded from luck to become rich.

The life of humans here on Earth is with purpose, we must work, learn and pass the exam that God set up. we must not ask questions while on the exam. The answer to the exam question is simple, we humans must exercise emotions. We stimulate good feelings and eliminate all negative emotions. Love yourself as you love others, do not be greedy, follow all 10 Biblical commandments. Jesus has given us instructions to read them and do as it is stated. Understand that those who than had greedy whishes were the ones who will not be admitted into Heaven while mild folk who are not greedy will have free entry. this is the whole story of the mild, simple folk who will be given Heavenly abilities while mean greedy will never have such power.  


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This is NOT the type of post we ever want to see here, even in the Religion section. This is more like blogging, and we're a discussion forum, specifically for scientific perspectives. Nobody here is interested in your version of god(s). No more posts like this, please.

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