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Science vs Censorship

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My competency has been maligned by the USA, so I'll begin with a defense of my competency. I was elected student body president at the U.S. boarding school with the highest SAT scores. I applied to 3 of the top five U.S. universities and was admitted to all. I got a bachelor's degree in cognitive science, with academic honors. I dated a sitting U.S. Vice President's daughter for several years.

Then I got physically sick. I saw M.D.'s at the most reputable hospitals (doctors with lower science grades than I got, M.D.'s who haven't read Euclid, Gauss, and Godel). and they behaved irrationally and arrived at nonsensical conclusions. The laziest M.D.'s diagnosed me with "hypochondriasis", so to learn the meaning of that word, I bought and studied psychiatry textbooks from a university, along with other medical textbooks. It turned out the M.D.'s in my case hadn't gone by the book.

I tried an antibiotic that crosses the blood-brain barrier, and on the 3rd I lost consciousness along with numerous other CNS symptoms. Lesions broke out on my skin. In light of the FDA's information on the antibiotic and other medical literature, my interpretation of that event is that the antibiotic was effective at killing of the pathogen, but that the pathogen's death caused too much inflammation in the surrounding brain, so I couldn't continue. But I believe that narrowed down the identity of the thing make me sick.

My mother developed the same symptoms at the same time. At first we was also misdiagnosed with hypochondriasis. Then the diagnosis was changed to cancer, and one day she was at NIH for outpatient surgery, they killed her.

My state health department arranged an appointment with their infectious disease specialists. He behaved irrationally and arrived at a nonsensical conclusion, but this time I had a hidden tape-recorder to record it.

While I was cussing at my family for siding with the incompetent doctors, I made statement that the government would eventually call a "threat". Whether that's correct is complicated legal question. In any case, violence is no part of my life and I never had intent to threaten, just intent to cuss. My family forwarded it to police, who detained me for psychiatric evaluation.

The detective who detained me decided he wanted me civil-committed, regardless of the facts about my mental state. Maybe because he wanted me to lose the right to own guns. Maybe because he was pressured by the FBI to hold me at the hospital, where I could be interrogated without a lawyer. I learned state secrets while spending years in the Vice President's residence, so I am not just anyone to the FBI. The detective falsified reports, reporting me to have been babbling incoherently. No one's ever seen me babble incoherently, because I never have.

At the hospital, I asked a psychiatrist why he was railroading me to commitment when he knew it was unjustified medically. I asked why he wasn't being honest. He said, "What's in it for me?"; and asked for a bribe. I declined. He testified in court that my symptoms were imaginary and I was "psychotic" to believe I was in pain. Then U.S. DOJ charged me with a threat, the court assigned me lawyers who were incompetent and corrupt, trying to assist the prosecutor. The prosecutor along with my own lawyers argued I was mentally incompetent to stand trial, and should instead be civil committed indefinitely. They were trying to ensure I'd never have the opportunity to type this.

I studied law and went over everyone's heads to the appeals court. They interviewed me and noted that I am articulate, intelligent, and competent to argue my own legal case. So I got out after six years, and still no violence.

Meanwhile, a new head and neck surgeon has confirmed the lump in my cheek. An eye doctor has confirmed swelling in the optic nerve leading into my brain. Visible symptoms all over my skin. Still infectious and still transmissible. Something is oozing out of the side of my head, and I can feel it's deep in the meninges.

Political because, this has been censored from Reddit. "conspiracy theory", "ant-vax", "nutter". Liberals are so tight with the medical industry now, any challenge to the medical industry's profits get censored off mainstream social media.

The multi-trillion dollar medical industry isn't really the same thing as science. It isn't really science to censor an intelligent cognitive scientist's reports about an emergent infectious disease.



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14 minutes ago, namegoeshere said:

Visible symptoms all over my skin. Still infectious and still transmissible. Something is oozing out of the side of my head


You won't find the help you need on this site I'm afraid.

Good luck with the future buddy.

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Why are you acting mad? How does my post bother you? I have photos, digitally signed college transcript, tape recordings of M.D.'s, everything. Also have tech degree from a top university and cool projects; but I get the feeling you're not sincerely wishing me good luck. Why though?

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Moderator Note

I am sorry for any hardships you have encountered but a) we cannot dispense medical advice on this forum and b) I do not see actual science or politics to be discussed. However, as you are exclusively talking about a series of personal experiences, I do not see a lot to be discussed here. So perhaps try to figure out what you would like to discuss that ideally goes beyond unverifiable personal anecdotes.

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You psycho, it's all verifiable. It's public record, much of it, and I'm happy to supplement the government's records with additional evidence.

I wasn't asking for medical advice, you pretentious clown. I have no reason to value advice from you.

It's political for the reason I said: science is being censored by the Oxycontin-pushing medical industry, thanks to whores like you.

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