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Race, IQ and Brain Size

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5 hours ago, Luiz Henning said:

Lol, it is quite obvious that a gene that carries cogenite malformation of the cephalic mass, will come out with a defective brain, however, the genetic link that I claim to exist in the topic (which you have not read) are responsible for the exponential increase of the brain and are also linked to general intelligence. If you are still not satisfied, let's go to some more empirical evidence about genes and intelligence. There is evidence that also points to a genetic explanation. Consider that the fact scores on the IQ test questions vary in their heritability.

If intelligence was truly inheritable in the manner you assert, what % of geniuses would have children of greater mental stature than themselves ?
Can you substantiate that with measured incidence compared with statistical parameters?
Please give proper mathematical evidence in deriving your answer.


I may be still running to get into biology 101, but the applied maths (statistics) I can handle, since that is my field.

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first that it is not "Spanish" but Portuguese, the "estudiot" here seems to be very wise. Second is that I didn’t write in Portuguese, my topic and my answers are in English, the quotes that are in Po

1)IQ makes perfect sense 2) race makes perfect biological sense 3) brain size is super relevant   did not present any refutation to the topic in question, totally ignores the idea developed

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10 hours ago, Luiz Henning said:

in my view, sir "DrmDoc" you only read the announcement of the topic, and look at it still, as it seems like even that you have read, let's see the first pointless question.


Moderator Note

We've been down this road before, and you have nothing new to show us, it seems, so you use these shitty, fallacious, bad-faith tactics to discredit your detractors, rather than analyzing the science they're bringing to the discussion to refute your racist agenda. Staff has decided we're going to treat this genetic superiority subject the same way we treat discussions about creationism. We just don't bother with such lunacy.

If it looked like you had ANY interest in overcoming your current genetic ignorance, we'd be happy to discuss the topic with you. This type of post just shows us you've predetermined your stance, which makes you a preacher and a soapboxer, and discussion isn't the place for you. Thread closed, don't bring it up again.

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