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Ivanka for president

Curious layman

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I think that's the plan too. That's why they have now moved to a republican state. It should be easier for her to get a higher position in the state.

The question for me is, does Donald step down a bit. If he continues to knock as before, Ivanka's chances will also disappear. If he holds back, Ivanka's Chacen should also rise.

I doubt if he sees that. But maybe his daughter can explain it to him.

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I think D Trump is taking the example of one of his favorite despots, V Putin.
When V Putin was constitutionally prevented from running for the Russian Presidency, he inserted D Medvedev as a 'puppet', until he could step back into the Presidency and continue his efforts to make it  a lifetime position for himself.

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Trump may continue to have rallies and interviews on Fox News, just for fun, but in 4 years he will probably be too tired to run for president.  He admitted that he thought it would be easier to be president than a professional playboy / private business owner.  Then the rude awakening that being president is a pain in the a$$.

Don Jr. may have the spunk to run for president, just for the hell of it.

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1 hour ago, swansont said:

Can you establish that these characteristics have a genetic basis?

Well, there's the "warrior gene," but the significance of its role is disputed. With no way of knowing for sure, why not err on the side of caution and seek Presidential candidates from OUTSIDE his family?


Quite frankly, given how irrationally some people have been known to react (this site being an exception of course) to blaming genetics for these traits, I wouldn't be surprised if biologists sugar-coated their conclusions just to keep pissed-off voters from pushing to cut their funding. Nature IS nurture, as the fact that we nurture differently than our evolutionary cousins has demonstrated.

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