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I want to create a 1 meter BEC

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4 minutes ago, Prof Reza Sanaye said:

Ah !  I see you are closer to catching  the idea , Sir . . . . . .

I've been working on the idea for 37 years now. I'm glad you deem I'm getting closer. It means a lot.

28 minutes ago, dimreepr said:

Like a BEC is different, where light just walks by...

What's different is different; and what's the same is the same. Enough said.

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If you are so knowledgable about BEC why don't you share your science? You think a video from Harvard Institute is sci-fi?

No you are trying to cool down the precession with atom's rotational frequency absorption of electromagnetic radiation, IOW make the atom spin slower. Laser cooling does not cause confinement, bu

Then you should do that.

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It does not seem that the discussion is progressing, mostly because there seems to be a lack of understanding of basic principles. As I suspect that a discussing or reading up on said basics are more beneficial than wild speculations and off-topic tangents, I am going to lock the thread for now.

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