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BLM, Capitol Riot, Hypocrisy and False equivalency -Split from: Blow to US Democracy


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Cancel culture seems to be the chosen expression of Critical theory for many.

It looks like a zero sum proposition, to expect 'improvement' from reduction of what you have to work with.

Purpose becomes secondary to arbitrary 'qualification.

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Protesters at BLM events who committed felonious acts have been prosecuted for those crimes. To my knowledge no participants in BLM protests who can be identified have been allowed to get away with felonious acts. Nor am I aware of any govt officials arguing they (BLM protest participants) should be allowed to get away with felonious acts. So I see no useful/logical whataboutism comparison between BLM protests and the Capital Assault. Those who committed serious crimes and can be identified should be prosecuted. No double standard exists.

The difference between the two and the reason I suspect people attempt to make the comparison is that with the capital assault platforms and groups are being called out in addition to just individuals. That exists because of the coordination and planning that was in place. During BLM protests there is no evidence that groups communicating via twitter, facebook, with govt officials, candidates for office, or etc conspired in advance to loot a specific RiteAid or burn down a particular Wendy's. All evidence indicates the BLM protest violence has been spontaneous. Evidence from the Capital Assault tells a different story. Also sedition and conspiring to murder govt officials are entirely different criminal offenses than are vandalism and assault. One should expect to see different investigations follow. 

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That is something that a lot of ( sensible ) people find hard to swallow.
The fact that the chief orchestrator of the Capital riot seems to have gotten away with no repercussions.
And a lot of the people who helped him avoid repercussions are the same people who supported his 'stolen election' claims that seeded the insurrection and riot.

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