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EVM tags and opcodes


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I want to understand the purpose of tags in EVM assembly and their relationship with Solidity function.


pragma solidity ^0.5.1;
   import './Mod.sol';
   contract MOFTest{
       ModifiedBank mb;
       constructor(address payable addressOfBank, uint amount) public {}
       function deposit (uint amount )  payable public {

I found that if I have a constructor then Remix IDE will have only 2 tags but now I have 2 functions and I found that there are 5 tags. Kindly explain me what is the purpose of tags and what is their relationship with Solidity functions? Also the tags are appearing in a haphazard manner, first tag1 and tag2 , then again tag1 and tag2, after that Remix IDE shows rag4, and then tag3 & tag5. I have attached an image image in this connection also related to the opcodes generated by the Remix IDE for the code shown above, sorry I can't scroll.



Somebody please guide me.




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