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Curious layman

Jellyfish Build Walls of Water to Swim Around the Ocean

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Locomotion through the seas can be arduous. Water is more viscous than air, and so underwater creatures must overcome strong frictional resistance as they swim.

To make things more difficult, liquid water provides nothing solid to push off against.

But lowly jellyfish, which have swum in the world’s oceans for half a billion years, have come up with an elegant, efficient means of propulsion.


contains cool gif at the top of a jellyfish swimming through laser sheet with tracer particles.


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I find this sort of research intrinsically more interesting than the outcomes of LHC experiments, or investigations in cosmology. I can understand that some are more attracted to investigation of the fundamentals, but as my intellect is a product of emergence from those fundamentals I am more engaged by phenomena at the same level. (And I think my intellect just about on a par with a jellyfish.)

So, thank you for the link.

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Posted (edited)

Jellyfish wall of water.

I was going to post the video, but quality of the picture seemed to drop, so just a link.


5 hours ago, joigus said:

Very interesting.

The gif didn't work for me. I've found it here, and you can really see the vortices pushing against each other:


I couldn't find it of your link, found it on YouTube.

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