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Who is your favourite Greek hero or God from ancient Greek mythology?


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I am a Christian, should probably do a way with fake stuff like this but for now I won't. My favourite hero is Achilles from the Trojan war, I learnt about him through Wikipedia and various websites and also from the movie Troy (2004) starring Brad Pitt as Achilles. I like the idea of Achilles because he is said to be the embodiment of grief of a people or tribe or nation according to the previous Wikipedia article about it him which is now edited differently but other sites still use that writing. It reminds me of a light coming forth out of darkness, someone rising from the bottom or a diamond found in the mines. Also I just like him because he is portrayed as some cool bad ass skilled warrior in the movie Troy.

For Gods I will go with Hephaestus, he is the one who is said to have created all the weapons for the Gods. I learnt about him mostly from the game God Of War 3. 

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6 minutes ago, MigL said:

Maybe you should read The Iliad.
He was a prideful, angry jerk, and a 'prima donna'.

Actually, he wasn't real.

You can get away with a lot of negative qualities when you are a skilled killing machine. Also with anger, I like to use "Wrath" when it comes to Achilles, and so do others to. they talk about the "Wrath of Achilles" where not only did the enemies feel it but also his own allies.

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5 minutes ago, Saiyan300Warrior said:

You can get away with a lot of negative qualities when you are a skilled killing machine.

So was the Minotaur of Crete.
Also imaginary, he lived in a labyrinth designed by former forum member Daedalus ( father of Icarus ).

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