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Can Trump Pardon himself?


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There are many crimes which are impeachable … if you are a sitting President.
Many people, who are not President, have received Presidential pardons for the same crimes.
The way I read it, if impeached for a crime, you cannot be pardoned for that crime.
R Nixon resigned before he could be impeached of his crimes, so they were eligible for a pardon.

I would think D Trump cannot be pardoned in any way for the charges brought against him in the articles of impeachment.
( then again, no one ever asks for my opinion in legal matters )

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13 hours ago, John Cuthber said:

So an offence against a particular state or individual or a company or a charity, or another country is outside that remit.

Against a particular state would be a state matter, and up to the governor of that state.

Against an individual would be a civil matter.

13 hours ago, John Cuthber said:

He's still looking for a retirement home where there isn't an extradition treaty...

Incidentally, fundamentally re. "Article II says “he shall have Power to grant Reprieves and Pardons for Offenses against the United States"

Why is one, potentially biased, person given authority over all courts?

How is that a good idea?

Courts make mistakes. 

AFAIK most heads of state (or some other high-ranking official) have such authority.

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Trump cannot pardon state charges. Only federal ones. Trump also cannot pardon himself from future civil suits. Trump have been manipulating the true value of his assets for decades. Trump has defrauded numerous investors. Once Trump's financials are fully turned over to Courts in NY and interested parties can petition to see them Trump will be in big trouble. Suits will come in from states across the nation where Trump has done business: FL, NJ, NY, NV, FL, etc.

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The Trump team is very actively discussing how best Trump can preemptively pardon himself, his family, and his allies. 



multiple sources tell ABC News that various Trump allies and other lawyers have begun a campaign to petition the West Wing in hopes of securing pardons for those who might receive a sympathetic reception from the president.

Those in the mix for a potential pardon have ranged from family members and associates all the way to the Tiger King, according to sources.


White House sources, who describe the talks as preliminary and fluid, say the push for preemptive pardons began early this year around the time of the president's impeachment trial. At that time, the informal conversations -- described by sources as a "series of hypotheticals" -- focused specifically on whether the president could pardon himself. But in recent weeks the idea of preemptive pardons has returned to the Trump orbit, this time including allies and members of his family.


Meanwhile, Trump has raised $170M through nonstop donation requests falsely claiming the election was stolen and money was needed for his election defense fund. It’s money he is using to pay debts and for funding activities after he leaves office 

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