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Facts of Gene/DNA/RNA/Chromosome


Facts of Gene/Chromosome/DNA/RNA  

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  1. 1. Are we able to Convert/Change/Upgrade our DNAs/Genes!?

    • Nope. It's Inconvertible/Unchangeable
    • Yeap. It's Convertible/Changeable
    • I will research/debate/discuss about that and find the truer answer!

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We researched and found a series of useful informations that make our minds opened the more!

Knowledge of Races Vs Racism

Firstly i forgot write the word 'Chinese' to the quoted scientific source from the most trusted scientists we have known.

And the 5 races of generation of Japheth are Gog, Magog, Slavic, Turkish, Chinese.

Secondly our discussion here is about connection between Genes and at all several useful informations for that that IF:

  • There be any opposite saying/claim/source/experience, you introduce them to us then IF:
  1. One of them is truer than it, we zoom on that the more!
  2. And if there isn't any truer that that, we zoom on the same the more.
  • There won't be any opposite saying/source/experience;
  1. Nothing


The Twelver who we consider them as the greatest scientists 1300years ago said:



☆ one asked one of them: O' my master, what will be happened when put a dead into the grave?

- his body will be clay completely BUT a thing of root of his creation into the grave that won't be destroyed until he will be resurrected again!

☆ Look at the womb that you wanna put your sperm within that

☆ one day a man came to one of the Twelver and told him:

- O' master, my wife is my cousin and i have trust her.. but our baby doesn't have any attributes of we both! And he is like to Africans

- Be aware that when you take your sperm into the womb of your wife, there will be 99 [ninety nine] of your forefathers between you and Adam that each one of them wants to make your child like himself/herself and they are trying versus each other, then some of them will be won and each part of your child's body and morality will be like that the same!

☆ When you cut your hairs or fingers nails, you should hide them under the clays of the earth

The magicians can even be the easternmost of the earth, kill whom is on the west by his hair/nail!! If God LetS

☆ The Sperm and Sneeze are from all of your bit by bit[Cells] of your body completely!

☆ If you put your sperm into the womb in X position, your child will be angry, crazy, faithful, killer, terrorist, wise, fool, nice, lovely, kind, wild,....

The X has too many sayings




As i quoted about coming the sperm/sneeze from each one of the cells, and i researched that the RNA is movable between each one of the cells, it shows I guess the sperm is the same scanned whole the body and morality! and speed of its moving is so fast!!

I'm not a biologist that can explain that well,

But i can explain by examples of the Electronic science:

When your Laptop wants to be switched hibernation, a few minutes before that, the OS starts to scanning and imaging bit by bit of the system including internal/external Hardware and Softwares!

Then saves a page file of the last activities/positions of the system on the memory and uses that when you switch on that again!


I guess

  1. If we upgrade ourselves then decide to make our wives pregnant, then those wrong behaviors that we had, then won't be anymore within our genes that move to our next generations!
  2. The database on the gene moves RANDOMLY between the parents and children even
  3. We have all of those 99 packs of attributes of morality of those 99 forefathers HIDDEN in our cells!, then randomly our sperm will be created from a bit of each one of them randomly! for the same reason we will be like to our uncles! Why!!?? For the same! I thought about that while I saw my nephews have in their favorites things like Mechanical/Soccer since have been born!!
  4. At all in my humble opinion during each sex, the OS of our body has a new scan of the body completely! And what the better if before that we have been upgraded to any wellness and from any wrongness therefore according to the previous thread I quoted, such a car racing even if we have a weak car, we try to pass much more kilometers than our parents. Therefore the Judgment of the Rally Won't ask us about the position of the ranking we have gotten! And He AskS us about the distance we have passed! Bcz of He Expects us based on our positions! As we all expect anyone depended on his own race/nation/wealth/Knowledge/social position.

What are your opinions?[based on your study/experience]


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Adding 'HIDDEN in our cells' about our 99 forefathers
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