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Electrolysis of potassium carbonate

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I've been doing some electrolysis experiments with soda ash (sodium carbonate) to decarbonate it and synthesize sodium hydroxide.

Having recently extracted some pearl ash (potassium carbonate) from wood ash, I became curious in doing the same thing with it.

Will electrolysis of potassium carbonate yield potassium hydroxide?

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9 hours ago, chenbeier said:

It will work the same, but I dont think you get rid of the carbonate with this procedure. You need a good diaphragm, or do you use mercury electrodes, like the electrolysis of NaCl.

I use simple fabric as a separation membrane (though I think, that is only relevant when separating NaCl (or KCl, I suppose), to avoid making sodium chlorate) and conductive paint for electrodes (similar to using graphite).

It totally gets rid of the carbonate (turning it into CO2) for the soda ash (I think its a very well documented reaction), why wouldn't it for the pearl ash?

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