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10 hours ago, Lizwi said:

High, I know about Open University, 

Which other University to study MSC Physics online 



The University of Edinburgh does online postgraduate courses in Physics.

I have just recommended some of their lectures in Mathematical Physics in another thread here.



A couple of years ago we had a doctor staying with us who did an online MSC in Pharmacology with them.
The course was totally online, including the award ceremony. (With some universities you have to attend that for the final award)
Some of the students on that course never actually visited this country!

These courses are pretty intensive though so be warned.


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Hi everyone. Last year I finished online Amazon courses and it was really unvaluable knowledge. This year I decided to study at home due to COVID-19. I spent a lot of time searching for the best online Universities. 


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Sorry for mistake, you are right knowledge was invaluable. Talking about University search it was unsuccessfully until I found I could trick people into clicking on a spam link. Personalized customer support helped me find the right online University and prepared all required documents for admission. I coudn't even imagine that the University of my dream accept me.

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