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You can help scientists crunch corona with your PC!


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You can help scientist to find solution for design of vaccine and how the virus works and simulate shape of its molecules. Just make sure you have good cooling, it works either on gpu, or cpu, or both. If you have older computer, it may be problem, because it will render your pc useless. Because cpu and gpu will be maxed on 99% (number of cpu cores can be set). Geforce 3000 will be amazing for this. But i can watch tv, or play pc games and i don't have even latest Windows build, which has gpu scheduling and have only geforce 2070 super. It is faster on linux btw.

Just go to device manager (windows) to find your components, than find max temp. for your cpu and gpu and set temp. warning in some program like hwinfo64. And than do a stress test to find, if you can cool it. Gpu shouldn't be a problem.


Second link is initiative of scientists, which develops vaccine with no intellectual property and any scientist can design molecule and submit its design. It could be you! They also accept donations and work in collaboration with folding home for molecule design simulation. And share all of their research with scientific community! And they have lab using xray to see shape of the virus in reality.



I don't understand, they need 2M $, yet they have only 47k $. While coronavirus is very serious and spread. I would expect, they would meet their donation goal very quickly. But they got barely 1k in couple days... Sad... I read in prominent online magazine about foldinghome and not sure, if someone written about this.  Also foldinghome has barely 1M of gpus crunching, some were detected multiple times. Yet they have currently 4 exaflops, while already when they had only 440k gpus, they had already 2 exaflops, more than top 5 supercomputers together! Amazing! Yet 1M of gpus is nothing... I don't understand why they aren't making ads for this? Or why they don't contact streamers with high views, people who play pc games, have powerful computers... It feels like no one knows about it. And than it is problem, that it can render your pc useless, if you don't have powerful rig, at least you can set number of cpu cores. And overheating and some people destroyed  their cpus, because they didn't realize it will max on 100%, while you set it to low. Scientists are unfortunately not good at communicating.

And many people probably thinks, goverment is working on it and many insitutions and don't seem it necessary, or they have 0 technical understanding and thing it is difficult. While you just install program and that's it. Like still i can't wrap my head around it, why they have only 1M gpus and only 47k $, which is nothing... Even quantum mechanics makes more sense, than these numbers. It should be required by law :D :D :D And people are sad, they don't use face mask in public and group and don't take it seriously and read news on facebook and than destroy 5g communication towers. I don't even... It feels like 99% of people are just bots... This can't be real, i am question my reality right now :D  Are we in simulation?

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