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Separate section for programming?

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A lot of the topics in computer science is about getting help with programming or specific languages and implementations. Should we have a section for "programming help" or similar? Fictive examples to illustrate:

Computer science existing section: Focus on the science and research aspects
- Here is an interesting paper on the mathematics behind a new set of algorithms.
- According to this paper cloud computing requires a paradigm shift for XYZ, what are your experiences of this?
- Why does machine learning algorithm X outperform algorithm Y under these circumstances?
- I have question regarding complexity theory and computability: ...

Computer help section: general help with equipment and software, not so much about programming or systems design. 
- Have you used "specific Research/engineering software"? Do you have an opinion on suitable hardware?
- I have an issue with installing this version of Linux

Programming and software engineering help: (just and example name)
- Why does this program fail?
- In this language, any opinions on library X vs library Y?
- How would I implement X in programming language y?
- Why is it a good practice in to...

In my opinion the general quality of content in the computer section not as high as in for instance physics. The above suggestion is an attempt at addressing that; maybe more science-related content will be contributed if discussions are not too diluted by basic programming issues?

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