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Infinitely many resistors of infintesimal resistance

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So this XKCD comic got me thinking... can the resistance of an electrolytic solution in water can be modeled as infinitely many resistors of infintesimal resistance? After all, the distance between the ions of electrolyte is a discrete quantity, but so is the number of said ions; or the number of water molecules between them; and we still model these things as continuous fluids.


So obviously the resistors are in parallel; there are pseudo-infinitely many paths they can take. But no matter what path they take they have to jump between ions several times, so it's also in series. Is there any formula that could account for the combined series-and-parallel nature of a circuit through an electolytic solution?


. . .


Why yes, I did dream last night that I was caught in a thunderstorm with the car windows only partially rolled up, how could you tell?

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