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Apple notes? Or Google search?


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I had to delete the Apple notes app from my phone because it suddenly decided that I should be notified about one of the notes. I did everything I could think of to make sure I didn’t receive  any notifications from that app. It didn’t work.

 Since the notification was appearing on my lock screen I went so far as to block all notifications from my lock screen. It didn’t work.

A few days later there it was again. In frustration I tapped on it so I could examine the note to see if there was something specific to the note that I had done that was causing it to appear.

Expecting, to be greeted with a request for my passcode or my finger print since I was after all in my lock screen, I was somewhat surprised when Apple notes opened allowing me to examine the note then after finding no explanation specific to the note, then allowed me  continued access to my phone.

I tried to let them know. I couldn’t figure out how. 
Has anyone else run into anything like this?

 I tried to Google it. I failed. I have no clue why, but Google’s failure, feels like my own. Apparently, it is years of applied conditioning initiated by the very first electronic device salesperson. If anyone has a clue as to why Google search on occasion seems to have very large gaping holes in its ability to access data that I’m sure it has within grasp. I’m willing to listen?

 In the meantime I have deleted the App, and certainly hope that, that notification doesn’t show up again in another few days. 

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