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Theoretical science: Making Pokémon with genetic engineering


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Hey everyone its AgentF2S

So, I decided to try and make a Pokémon using genetic engineering (in my mind ofc) u can suggest and and make ur own too! Mine is Pikachu and I decided I will use multiple DNAs

So my starting point will be a bunny embrio, I will inject it with golden bat's yellow fur dna somehow get it red cheecks the Idea for the electricity is it will have mini electrostatic charge generators.... Hundreds of them on each cheeck, so that will be using multiple mini muscles to make furry hundreds of fuzzy balls to rub together, but I have to figure out a way to make pikachu's body an insulator... Idk how, I'm open to suggestions

Nothing else is needed except its tail and the iron tail attack, the iron tail could be from strong bones, which can only be done through evolution(the real one), but the electrical design is impossible

But if we succeed in making Pokémon, then we will still not make them fight, bcuz they are alive creatures like us

So thanks for reading and, AgentF2S out

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