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Split from The Official Programming Tips Thread

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I have one

def x (): 
 all(Q) |= set(Q is none) >>= any(a) |= set(none) is V is a is (Q.intersection(V is a))
def p ():
 while X <= 2:
  X = X + 1
 any(x()) in X(p(x()) is 0) or all(x()) in X(p(x()) is 1)
while True:
 while i < 126:
   i= i + 1
   a = chr(i)
   if 1:
    q = q + a
   elif 0:
    q = q
 if q == q + "":
print (q)

x() and p() have syntax errors I have no idea about

granted some more time thinking might help but its good to get out there 

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Moderator Note

I have split this off from the original thread as it does not seem to be relevant.

Posting an unexplained bit of code is not very helpful. 

What is the purpose of you post? Are you asking for help with something?

What language is this written in?

What is it supposed to do?

What errors (if any) are there?

Feel free to try again in a new thread.


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