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8 hours ago, Scienc said:

What is the physical meaning of enthalpy?

To offer help, I need to know where to start from.


So do you understand what energy is ?

Also do you understand what is  internal energy and external energy?


I note you have asked this before so the Moderators will probably combine the threads as you are only allowed one thread per topic

In your previous thread you gave the formula H = U + PV

Does this mean you know the First law of Thermodynamics?  :  Please write your First law equation down so that I can follow the symbols and sign convention you are used to.

I assume you already know what heat and work are but there are different forms of heat (and work).

We will cover these.

Enthalpy was originally called Heat Content or Total Heat, but that was changed to enthalpy when this became confusing.

It is very important to understand that enthalpy is not directly related to the heat transferred in the First Law in most cases.


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