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14 minutes ago, Justin2 said:

Is there any true way to increase the eidetic memory,something like tecnique you should do every day and practise that every day continiously?

I'm not sure if you're interested in this, and also it's not exactly about eidetic memory. But talking about extraordinary human minds and memory, I found this very interesting:


I hope you enjoy it and/or leads you to further information about memory.

For some people, excessive memory can be a problem. How do you like that.

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2 hours ago, Justin2 said:

Thank you so much.I need a lot of excessive memory due to my faculty branch..

What do you want to do with, everything you remember?

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2 minutes ago, Justin2 said:

Have a whole picture of a lesson,all diagrams,all formulas in my head,so I can simply solve the task I wanted.

Will that make you happy?

Understanding is more than just remembering a lesson...

I can memorise every stop in a trains timetable, while not understanding the logistics.

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Totally agree that understanding is more important,but for some areas of the lesson the only way to know some thing is just to remember it,like some block diagrams you need that just to keep in mind,there is no way to understand because it is just a scheme.Compare that when learning a new language you need to memorize the new word,then use it.

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On 7/17/2020 at 11:16 AM, Justin2 said:

Memorize the spelling,then the meaning in your language.

Why don't you just decorate your classroom with the relevant data and formulas? My highschool math teacher had "Pi = 3.14" on the wall among countless other aids.

Then your memory of those things just gets better every time you are in the space.

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