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I think I have a strong telepathic connection with my little sister. Yesterday we became bored and so I organized a few games we could play to test this theory.


Game 1: Four cards are laid face-down in a row. One person knows which cards are which. The other person must find a certain card. We played this game and I found the card three times in a row, beating the odds of one in sixty four.


Game 2: Four cards are separated from the deck. One person chooses one card and concentrates on it. The other person must guess which card. Again we played and I guessed three times in a row, beating the odds of one in sixty-four.


I did not think this was convincing enough, so we played another game.


Game 3: One person chooses a number from one to ten and concentrates on it. The other person must guess the number. In this game, I guessed it right the first time, the second time, the third time giving two possible numbers, and the fourth time also giving two possible numbers. This comes out to a probability of one in twenty-five hundred.


Did I calculate the probabilities incorrectly, or is this irrefutable evidence toward whether me and my sister are telepathically connected?

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I seemed to happen the first few rounds of each game and then slowly tapered off. For the second game, we stuck at it for a while, and that's probably the only value that is erroneous. I realized that the more times we played the game and failed, the greater the error of the probability, but I assure you that for the first and second games, I only failed one or two times, and that is after I succeeded in beating those insane odds.


Lol nice odds if i were you i would go and put some lottery numbers on :P


That's exactly what my mom said :P


But that would be clairvoyance; that is different than telepathy.

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what you need to do is create a complete table of values (I know its annoying but its necessary) if you can beat those odds (not watching for a tell from your sister) then I'd believe it


keep in mind though that in a coin toss if I call tails and it lands tails on the first try I beat the odds


so, if you keep do it over the course of a few hundred tries and you only did it the first time, I would just say you were lucky that time.

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hmm, I was able to do the same thing for a while. (I freaked someone out once by repeating it something like 20 or 25 times) all it was was watching the coin closely and I was able to catch the side that was going to land face up more clearly than the side that landed face down. I think it was just because the coin was slowing down in its rotation till I caught the right side

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what is the range in witch telepathy can work? me and my sister have done it at opposite ends of my house, its about 30-40 feet. but a mother can know when her child is in danger or pain on the other side of the earth. once when i was had broken my leg, my mom called me to ask if i was alright, she just knew i was hurt.


ive bein working hard with a nurologist and a psyciatrist to figure out how these connections work. ive had some succes with explaining telepathy. i need to talk to a physisit

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I read an article a while ago published in scientific american the other day. It was a statistical treatment of telepathy


It essentially proved that it is likely that 9 americans will have a telepathic experience each day. by pure coincidence

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i also have a few other theorys, their a bit far out. but its better than nothing.

some beleave that humans have a soul. a supernatral being that resides in us untill we die, and that soul is our personality, and every other charicteristic about us.

if that is true, that could be why people have supernatral abilities. my great grandma threw a car off her son to save his life. she is a christian she beleaves God helped her. and the amount of adrenaline to do that would kill a healthy man

a poltrgist is a ghost that makes objects float and scare the people that live there.

why couldn't this soul do the same? just a thought

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at one point in time, i had a friend toss a coin and i correctly guessed the side it would land on almost 15 times in a row. is this abnormal? if i was distracted, i couldn't do it. i just went with my gut reaction. it was odd haha.


There's only two sides to a coin...


I've had a few instances where I've experienced non-direct telepathy (for want of a better word) though I'm construing the experience's as coincidence and familiarity.


On a few occasions where I've had to get the essentials when shopping, I've deliberatly not bought certain items thinking my flat mate would buy them and vice versa. Although neither of us have a regular history of forgetting to buy or overstocking on certain items sometimes I buy an item he's forgotten with no communication before hand, and sometimes I'll deliberatly not buy an item only to find it in the fridge when I get back...quite a weak example I know.


The funniest one was when I was thinking about buying some of that whitening toothpaste. I played the scenario in my head that it would be good if they had a 'two for one' offer so I could use it for long enough to see if it worked without having to buy anymore. The next day my house mate walked in with two large tubes of the stuff, which were 'on offer'...'two for one'.


I had no idea there was an offer on at the time, and we've never bought that type of toothpaste before (though probably has a lot to do with that it's never been on offer). I'm still under the ascertain that this is merely coincidence...I don't think...well I know that brain waves travel a few centimetres outside the skull, so I don't think it's anything telepathic.


If you spend a lot of time with someone (familiarity) you're bound to understand how each other thinks...mix that in with coincidence (that's just a word for the situation, I'm not really convinced that coincidence is a real phenomenom...the earths too small for that) and you get these telepathic experiences.


However lets clear up what telepathy is...it's hearing each other's thoughts, if someone can display that, then I'll be convinced that it exists. What people have been talking about here is prediction...which is completely different.

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Somewhere a long time ago I read a possible scientific explanation for telepathy. It involved quantum physics. The theory was quantum particles have twins. One spins one way; the other no matter where in the universe it is will spin the opposite. If creatures developed a way to perceive this they would therefore have instant communication no matter the distance.


I am sure I just over simplified it and personally it sounds good but probably has no real fact behind it.

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