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suggest good journal

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it might be a controversial issue what good means :) 

but there might be some tools for you to define your own goodness :) 

(e.g: if, to you, "good" means high IF ,then sjr might be a tool for you. 

and if "good" means "relevance" then, to me, you have to check each listed journals by your own )

there are some other databases like DOAJ , SCI ,...)

the time period for publication is changing from one journal to another journal. But if you provide more context, then maybe we might help you better.






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Depending on the quality of your paper, you can publish in high impact
established journals like:

1. Nature (www.nature.com)

Mid ranked journals like:

2. Infection, Disease & Health

3. Environmental Research

or new journals like:

4. American Journal of Environmental Biology ( https://www.ajeb.org )

5. Nature reviews earth & environment (
https://www.nature.com/natrevearthenviron/ )

If you want to get it published quickly then I would recommend new journals as they publish fast.
hope this helps.
good luck with your article!
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