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how to express this object mathematically in cartesian coordinates?


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30 minutes ago, joigus said:

Yo need another parameter besides C.

you can use other constants that I did not write. (e.g.: one of other curvature might be written as: x^3 + b ...)

but this should be written like something this: 

[math] \frac {x^{2}}{a^{2}}+\frac {y^{2}}{b^{2}}+ \frac {z^{2}}{c^{2}}=1[/math]

this is elipsoid, but I can't find the correct equation for that curvial object above.


oh,my hodja from my BSc has replied just now. this thread can be closed ...

thanks to my lovely hodja.


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34 minutes ago, ahmet said:

you can use other constants that I did not write.

Yeah, I was thinking for a while about writing the solution with all the information you didn't write and I didn't know about.

But then I thought: "probably Hodja is working on this already from some sector of the noosphere, and will guess the missing parameters."

It seems I was right.

Hats off to Hodja!!! :-) 

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