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Hello everybody,
Can someone help me with this task?
"Name two processes in which the substrate is first formed with ATP to form one
mixed anhydride of its carboxyl group and the α-phosphate of AMP activated
must become".
I'm very thankful for your help
Greetings Yasmine

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Posted (edited)

You don't seem to be asking for help, so much as asking for the answer. Have you no provisional thoughts on this? A suspicion as to which processes seem most likely? Have you checked your text book? Your class notes? I suspect members will be much more inclined to help if you demonstrate that you've done at least some work on this.

That's just a suggestion. Of course you might get unlucky and someone will give you a complete answer, then you'll have missed another opportunity to learn how to learn.

As written, the question seems to be missing some words, or one or more words have been mistyped. The sentence does not parse meaningfully.

Edited by Area54
Comment on possible error in quote of question

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