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hey so, this is an algebra assignment that we had to do and i really didn't understand the course material that well, but i managed to do the very first steps. anyways i was hoping you guys could help me finish the rest of this table. you will find attached a word document of the table

linear inequality.docx


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As there are three unknowns and only two equations, there will not be a unique solution-- but rather multiple solutions.  Also, obviously, since all three variables are specified to be greater than or equal to zero, the solutions may not be integers.

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+1 to the Chemical Engineer.

Ironic that when I first studied linear programming it was usinga chem eng problem about mixing oils to make margarine.



There are lots of examples and a few 'solvers' online.

This is homework so can you suggest a next step

Hint you need to do something about the inequality to make the system 'solvable'

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