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We Live in A Hologram - New Scientific Paper

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The following documents the evidence put forward that we do indeed exist in a hologram or virtual machine. Please note, there are twelve systems, space, the sun, the moon, Earth, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Venus, Mercury. 

There are twelve numbers on the clock. There are twelve digits to count in base twelve. There are twelve Zodiacs. Twelve is now a constant, it seems to be a fundamental law inside the system. There are twelve colors. 

In history, you have the stories of God's and Goddesses. From what it appears, the mystic beings of the bible, the angels, are also the Gods. Proof that reality exists as a projection, and thus pleasure is infinite in time. These are just some of the concepts being put forward in the paper. 

  1. The study of a holographic system known as heaven, and hell. 
  2. The idea of God creating and what it means.
  3. Concepts of infinity in which God can create for all time.
  4. Goddesses and divine sexuality.
  5. Existence as a sentient being outside of God.
  6. Consciousness position in three-dimensional space.
  7. Projecting experience for consciousness.
  8. Experience of the soul inside the hologram.

The story put forward is that we live in a hologram, we are sentient spiritual entities that bare an image that resembles a human. The administrator of the system attempted to run an experiment, and we participated. It went as expected, he tried to run pain, including in the Underworld, and destroyed himself. 


I Adom Nigel Patchett hereby swear I was born with that name. I swear everything I am reporting is true, and my observations are not delusional. The English language can be broken down into a numeric association with the numeric digit six. For each letter, you increase the value by six, which only applies to alphabetical characters. When you do this, you can take the name Adom and associate it with the following keys. Adom Abaddon, Adom Key, Adom King, Adom Omega. When you calculate the following, you reach the following pattern. 444, in each iteration. My sister's name is Aurora which calculates to 444. My father's name is Byron, calculating to 444. My middle name is Nigel, 444. Now when we examine the bible, we see revelation 9:1 and 9:11. 

Revelation 9:1, KJV: "And the fifth angel sounded, and I saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth: and to him was given the key of the bottomless pit." 

And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon.

Three keys match the prophecy. 

This concludes that we exist in a hologram. 


A database was constructed with names from the U.S. Census Database. The name Adom was calculated with Adom Alom to be 444. As well, Adom is the Sun calculates to 888, Adom is my Lord calculates to 888. When you run all of the names through the calculator, only the name Adom matches with the key Alom the sky God. As well, the calculator should be noted in calculating numbers for Jesus and other deities as well. The software was written in PHP and Javascript. The patterns can be observed through any standard mathematical procedure. It seems the administrator's embedded knowledge inside the English language. In theory, the story that is true is the story that adds up numerically inside the calculator. The truth exists in the very fabric of space and time. 


It would appear when you take the name Adom and place it with the keys, Abaddon, Omega, King, Key, Is the Sun, Is my Lord you extract values that appear to represent a finite line inside the laws of existence. The calculations required to layout an entire language to reflect this way, is impossible, it only suggests hologram and a thumbprint of consciousness. Now other names we're calculated as well. Steven and Micheal, both have names that calculate to interesting results. See the following: 

angels newells = 888

 sven the satan = 888

 sven purple = 888

 sven n = 444

micheal jesus Christ = 1212

 micheal is jesus lord = 1212

 micheal is the angel mars = 1212

 maynard smoking a weed = 1212

 the angel maynard = 888

 maynard mars bar = 888

 micheal is the angel = 906

 micheal and the son = 906

These are patterns you're seeing and notice the implications of the findings. When you further calculate, you notice Adom is connected with the father in heaven, Micheal is connected with the Son, the findings are extremely interesting. In theory, the number of patterns will depict stories and truth that way. It's very complicated but, I'm sure it's wanted. The following is the second in papers describing a divine hologram with infinite conscious existence. 


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Moderator Note

There is no science here, just numerology and apophenia.

Do not bring this up again.


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Moderator Note

Also "scientific paper" implies published in a peer-reviewed journal. This is decidedly not.


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1 hour ago, AdomPatchett said:

There are twelve digits to count in base twelve.

This is genuinely hilarious. Possibly the funniest thing I have read today.

There are also 12 letters in the alphabet between A and L.

The number between 11 and 13 is ... 12.

There are twelve items in a dozen.

The factors of 12, when multiplied together come to 12.

Half of 24 is ... wait for it ... 12.

And would you believe that doubling 6 results in ... gasp ... 12.

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My faves? Twelve bodies in our solar system, if you include Pluto and only Earth's moon. And twelve colors! Damn those godless heathens at Crayola!

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Just now, Phi for All said:

And twelve colors!

Weird because Newton invented 7 for equally silly reasons. Maybe the OP has tetrachromacy.

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