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Some doubts about genetics

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I have some doubts about genetics that I had during my studies. 

Considering the sequence ACGCGT, what does it indicate? A splicing site, a restriction site? 


The other part is: 

If I have the virus B. Subtilis, what is true about the transcription of his genes? 

I did not understand if it uses or not the polymerase of bacteria and If it uses or not sigma70 for transcription of early genes.

Also what it is not really clear to me is if it uses or not sigma of bacteria and if it uses or not viral sigmas to transcribe intermediate genes. 

I know that are maybe difficult but I am pretty confused.

About the question related to ACGCGT I suppose is a splicing site but I am not really sure, about the other topic I am really a 0. Thank youu

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On 5/5/2020 at 2:23 AM, Ben99 said:

If I have the virus B. Subtilis

I think B.subtilis is a bacteria. I think that that sequence is restriction site because its palindromic when you figure out the complementary strand.

Could you elaborate on what you want about transcription in B.subtilis.

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