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How to Increase "NPK" With Natural incredients ?


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Hello Everyone,

I Need to increase NPK of my Natural fertilizer which is from crab shell,it contains Nitrogen is 2.6%,  Phosphorus is  1.2% and   Potassium is 0.5.

But i Need to increase in the ratio of NPK        N= 4  P=3  k= 0.5.

Is  there any natural ingredient of marine waste or any other natural waste  to   increase Nitrogen and Phosphorus?;  

please suggest  me.

Thank you.


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Go out into a forest of deciduous trees and find an old decomposing tree stump and dig up as much of the underground portion and roots as possible. When I was young, we cleared the land for a cabin and that night, the tree roots glowed in the dark (no joke). Turns out, phosphorus accumulates in tree roots. Plus, the decomposing stump usually helps with drainage, feeds the worms with organic material, and offers a bit of visual character to the soil. Nitrogen can come from anything green (like grass clippings - mind the seeds and weeds that propagate from clippings though) or you can even add a little pee. As stated above, sea weed is great too. Hard wood ashes are very high in potassium, just mind your pH levels (it is a base). I would be concerned about micro-nutrients as well.....

I recommend the swiss method of preparing potassium nitrate, you get the N and K from pee and ashes without peeing on the garden or messing up the pH and just use the rotten tree stump as P

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