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Internet access


how do you connect to the net?  

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  1. 1. how do you connect to the net?

    • Dial-up/accelerated
    • DSL
    • Cable
    • Other

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Talk about a difference:

On one of my systems, Ive got 56k Dial-Up (Trying desperately to get my mom to switch to cable)

On two of my other systems, Ive got T3

And on one of my other other systems, ive got fiber opitics (pretty neat actually, but we had to wait about a month before they installed it to our local area.)

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I was on DSL, but we moved while the main local carrier was on strike... so we had to switch to cable. Sucks to be those idiots, because we weren't alone.


We got cable before we even got our phone line back, and I am never going to trust that company again.


Want to slack off and be a jerk and make lots of money? Join a Canadian union. Work in the transit, school, telephone, forestry, school support staff, waste management and city maintenance industries and go on strike whenever the hell you please.


BTW, all that I have mentioned above have affected my immediate area by strike in the past 5 years, many of which more than once.


Anyway, that's my rant.

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Ambigere the 100Mbps is your local network' date=' not your internet connection, although your internet will be getting to you through that connection, it's hard to explain!



The network speed is the amount of bandwith between computers hooked up to the network. So say you have a 100 Mb file on your computer and your transfering to a different part of the network. depending on the amount of network connections, internet usage etc., it'd still probably go really fast.


When I transfer things across MSN to the computer across the room it goes really fast, and really slow with anyone else.


BTW explaining it for poster lol, I'm sure you get it.

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