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Why do we have IQ tests and how do we measure IQ

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So I was reading a forum post about characteristics of intelligence (linked below), and the member Sensei brought up a point that IQ isn't static. This got me thinking on how the tests measure IQ and why we have them in the first place. Because in my opinion, a level of intelligence is completely relative, since everyone acts and thinks differently, along with other factors brought up by Sensei. So how do they measure someone's IQ and what are the benefits of being labeled "intelligent" by a IQ test. There is also the fact that there are multiple IQ tests without a main one (I could be wrong about there not being a main one).


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IQ tests were originally devised for people with compromised cognitive ability, for whatever reason, to assess what they could do and not do, to assess their future needs. They were not intended to assess the able-minded person. At best, they test for particular cognitive skill sets and really only tell you how good a person is at doing the specific tests. Being 'clever' depends on the task at hand and one can only be labelled such for that specific range of tasks. Nobody, I can think of, is clever at everything.

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