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experiment design for genotyping

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Trait 1, wing shape, two different alleles Dumpy and Scalloped;

Trait 2, tarsi, two different alleles Truncated and Wild Type;

Trait 3, two different alleles Vestigial and Wild Type;


Note: These traits are imaginary and bear no relationship with the real

ones in terms of inheritance pattern or chromosomal location.

A first cross is set up with a Scalloped, Wild Type, Vestigial male and a

Dumpy, Truncated, Wild Type female. On the F1 we obtain 132 male flies

with the following phenotype: Dumpy, Truncated, Wild Type and 127

female flies with the following one: Dumpy, , Wild Type, Wild Type.

A second cross is set up with a female from the F1 (Dumpy, Wild Type,

Wild Type) and a male with the following genotype: Scalloped, Truncated,


I have worked out that traits 1 and 3 are linked with and rf of 15% and trait 2 is on the X chromosome.


I need to design an experiment now to determine the parent P1 male and female genotype. I can work out the males pretty simply I think without need for experimentation.. Is anyone able to point out which tools for analysis I should include in my experiment design? 

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